All purchases of products and services made through our e-commerce website (hereinafter, the Purchase Agreements) by the users who access it (hereinafter, the Customers) are governed by the General Conditions as well as by the other provisions and operating instructions outlined in the e-commerce website. In the event of a conflict between what is described in the aforementioned provisions and operating instructions and the contents of the General Conditions, the latter shall prevail.
Any operation and/or payment condition granted to the Customer notwithstanding the General Conditions will be valid only if Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. will have accepted this condition of exception in writing.
The provisions of these General Conditions apply without distinction to all Customers, except for those provisions for which the applicability to only Consumer Customers has been expressly provided. By "Consumer Customer" we mean a natural person, who purchases the products or services offered by the e-commerce website for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial or professional activity performed; for the purposes of these General Conditions, it is assumed that a "Consumer Customer" is not a person who inserts his/her VAT number in the area of the Website relative to the Customer's personal data upon placing an order to purchase products or services. The Purchase Agreements stipulated by Consumer Customers also apply to articles from 50 to 63 of the Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.
Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. may change the contents of the General Conditions referred to in this document at any time and without prior notice. Any modifications made will take effect from the date of publication on the e-commerce website, as declared in the heading of the same General Conditions.

Purchase procedure
The Customer can order the products present in the electronic catalogue of the website, illustrated in detail on the home page and within the respective sections by product category, as described in the relative information sheets contained in the e-commerce website, respecting the technical access procedures therein illustrated. The publication of the products and services, as described on the e-commerce website, is an invitation to the Customer to place a contractual purchase order. The order sent by the Customer has the value of a contractual proposal and implies full knowledge and full acceptance of these General Conditions.
The successful receipt of the Customer's order is confirmed by Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. by an automatic reply sent to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer. The reply is generated automatically by the system and only confirms the correct receipt of the order. This confirmation message will indicate the 'Order Number', to be used in any subsequent communication with Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr.
Each order can be accessed by the Customer on the e-commerce website, in his/her own personal area, immediately after sending the order and until the moment of fulfilment of the order by Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. (communicated to the Customer) by updating the information contained in his/her personal area.
Each Purchase Agreement stipulated between Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. and the Customer must be considered concluded with the acceptance of the order by Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. by e-mail. Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. has the right to accept or not the order sent by the Customer, at its own discretion, without the latter being able to lay claims or exert rights whatsoever, in any capacity, including compensation, in the event of non-acceptance of the order. br /> By sending the order, in the various ways outlined in the e-commerce operating instructions, the Customer declares to have read all the information provided to him/her during the purchase procedure, and to fully accept the General Conditions and payment terms described below.

Product prices
All product prices are clearly indicated on the e-commerce website and are inclusive of VAT only. They do not include any additional and different taxes, tariffs or duties arranged by the relevant applicable legislation, such as those related to importation. To the extent necessary, the Customer must therefore proceed with customs clearance of the products imported and pay the duties and taxes (other than VAT) that may be due in the importing country.
The prices and availability of the products shown on the e-commerce website are subject to change at any time and without notice, it being understood that, limited to orders that are in the process of being accepted or, as above, that have been accepted by Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr., the sales conditions which are in force at the time the order is placed by the Customer will apply.

Product availability
The products available for shipment are highlighted within the e-commerce website. The availability of the products is not updated in real time; furthermore, in view of the possible simultaneous access to the Website of many users, the actual availability of each product may vary significantly during the same day with respect to the indications given on the e-commerce website. Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. does not assume any commitment nor guarantees the certainty of immediate delivery of the products purchased and indicated as available on the e-commerce website and, therefore, it will not in any case be responsible for any delays in delivery or for failure to process the order.
If the delivery time of the product ordered is subject to significant delays with respect to the delivery times indicated on the e-commerce website before ordering, Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. undertakes to promptly notify the Customer by sending an e-mail to the address indicated by the Customer.

Delivery times and shipping methods
We ship throughout Italy by courier.
The delivery of the products usually takes place within 24/48 hours from shipment.
At the time of shipment you will receive an e-mail with the link to the web page from where you can always check the status of your shipment. < br /> We cannot be held responsible for delays or non-delivery caused by circumstances concerning the courier's inefficiencies, it will in any case be in our interest to try to resolve any misunderstanding that may arise even for reasons beyond our reasonable control.

Delivery costs
The cost of each shipment, the amount of which may vary depending on the method of delivery and payment, as well as the destination area and the total amount of the order, is added to the total price of each purchase order and is clearly indicated and communicated to the Customer, through the Website, before the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement.

Product representation
The visual representation of the products on the Website, where available, normally corresponds to the photographic image of the products themselves and has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale, without any guarantee or commitment, from Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr., concerning the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the e-commerce website with the product proper; and this, in particular, regarding the real size and/or chromatic aspects of the products.

Methods of payment
Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. uses the PayPal circuit to manage payments by Credit Card. The customer is thus free to pay directly with his/her credit card or, if registered, through his/her PayPal account.
Payment through the PayPal circuit guarantees the security of the transaction through SSL encryption of the connection. Once the order is confirmed, the credit card data will be transferred via secure connection in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for the authorisation and debit. In no case will Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. receive your credit card number and no sensitive information will be saved on its servers. Fattoria Rossi Soc. Agr. will only receive the authorisation given by the card manager. This procedure is absolutely safe and fully guarantees both the buyer and the merchant. The SSL encryption system guarantees that no one can in any way read the information sent through the website.

Right of withdrawal
The Consumer Code has recognised the right to the consumer, for contracts concluded at a distance and outside business premises, to unilaterally withdraw from the contract stipulated for the purchase of goods and services. The right of withdrawal consists in the faculty granted to the consumer to be able to unilaterally dissolve the contractual obligation by returning the purchased good (or by revoking the order) and consequently obtaining the return of the price paid.
The right of withdrawal is regulated pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 64 and successive modifications of the Legislative Decree 206/05. The consumer-customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason. For consumer-customer we mean a private individual; the right of withdrawal is considered excluded in case of purchase of goods by a company.
The right of withdrawal is also excluded for distance sales:

  • of financial instruments;
  • via vending machines;
  • via public telephone;
  • for the construction and purchase of real estate (the right of withdrawal is, instead, envisaged in the case of distance rental contracts);
  • for the supply of food products or of current household use delivered on a regular basis;
  • of services related to accommodation, transport, catering, leisure, when a specific date or period is foreseen for the supply (for example in case of reservation);
  • of services whose execution started before 10 working days ;
  • of goods and services whose price is linked to the interest rate and cannot be controlled by the seller;
  • of tailor-made or personalised packaged goods;
  • of audio-visual products or sealed software opened by the consumer (for example a sealed DVD);
  • of newspapers, magazines and periodicals; < > of betting and lottery services.