There is a place where people willingly leave the main path to immerse themselves in the green of the countryside among oaks, acacia hedges and the scent of freshly cut grass, and it is precisely on these cultivated hills without the use of weeding and chemical fertilizers that our animals are born and grow, free to choose whether to find shelter in the wide and comfortable facilities specifically built for them or to graze freely in the meadows nearby.
A healthy and properly certified organic food, composed of our fodder and cereals, allows a low, though high-quality production of milk and guarantees the animals a long healthy life.
We believe that the animals' well-being as well as the passion for our work are our strength in the daily production of Fattoria Rossi's fresh products, which are completely natural and with a unique and unmistakable flavour.

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Chocolate pudding
Confezione da 180 g.
Organic butter - 250 g.
Bio butter 250 g. pack - Cod.IT BIO 006 H392 - €/Kg. 10,80
Cheese spread
180 g. Pack
Fresh pasteurized organic whole milk
1Lt Bio whole pasturized milk Cod. IT BIO 006 H392 - €/l. 1,80
Panna cotta
Confezione da 180 g.
Organic natural whole yoghurt 150 g.
Vasetto da 150 g. di Yogurt intero naturale Biologico - Cod.IT BIO 006 H392
Organic natural whole yoghurt 500 g.
Vasetto da 500 g. di Yogurt intero naturale Biologico - Cod.IT BIO 006 H392