Gambo di Prosciutto


Prezzo approssimativo

Prosciutto crudo di Parma DOP senza osso porzione Gambo peso 3 kg. circa - €/Kg. 23,80


Prosciutto di Parma (from the Latin perexsuctum, literally dried out) is a delightful, healthy genuine product. No preservatives or additives are used, resulting in a tasty and completely natural product. The skill of master seasoners and the dry delicate air of the fragrant Parma hills are the only thing that is added to the simple ingredients. The uniqueness of the production territory, which is restricted to an extremely limited area, boasts ideal climate conditions for the natural seasoning that conveys the unmistakable sweetness and flavour of Prosciutto di Parma, an extremely well-controlled PDO product that follows a strict production process ending with a careful inspection and the fire-branded Ducal Crown, a unique mark that guarantees the absolute excellency and genuineness of the product.      


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